Take the Call from Power Hall!


We are extremely proud of the great work our students are doing with the Phonathon! Here are just a few ways they make a difference in the Dominican University community.

Phonathon Stats:

- Raised $154,547 last fiscal year; a 34% increase from the previous year!

- Secured 1,285 specified pledges; an increase of 19%

- Made 13% more calls than in the previous year. That is 32,454 calls!

- Saw an increase of 26% in online* gifts this year.
*Credit card gifts are important because they provide immediate assistance and are a sustainable way to fundraise.

- Donors who repeated their annual gifts to DU increased 6% from last year!


Phonathon is entirely Dominican run; staff includes 12 student callers and one graduate student supervisor.


"Talking to alumnae/i during my Phonathon shift makes me appreciate the scholarships I receive even more. Their generous gifts help me afford to attend Dominican University and pursue my dreams."

– Elizabeth Enciso, sophomore Nursing student and Phonathon call center employee