Immunization Information

Dominican University is committed to providing a healthy, safe environment for all students, and expects Dominican students to be active partners in maintaining a healthy and safe campus for the entire community. The Wellness Center is your partner in achieving this goal.

Students taking 6 or more credit hours at any of Dominican's campuses must submit the health forms prior to their first class. The Certificate of Immunity is a legal requirement of the State of Illinois. Fines will be incurred each semester for students who's records are missing, incomplete or not valid.

Students taking online classes: Students enrolled online are only exempted if they are enrolled in a program specifically designated by the University as an "Online Only" program. All other online study is not exempted from compliance requirements.

Students born before January 1, 1957: Students born prior to this date are considered by the Illinois Department of Public Health to be immune to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. However, they must submit to the Wellness Center proof of a Tetanus immunization within the last 10 years and proof of their birth date.

  • Failure to comply with immunization requirements will result in fines.
  • The state can legally block your registration for classes if your immunization forms are not on file.

You may not need to see your healthcare provider to complete your Immunization Certificate. You may complete the top portion of the certificate and attach records completed in prior years. Immunization records can be found at your prior school, at your doctor or medical provider. Those records must be signed by a physician or equivalent.

If you need immunizations or blood tests to confirm immunity, these services are available for a low fee at the Wellness Center by appointment during the academic year.

Feel free to call or email the Wellness Center with any questions. or

Phone: (708) 524-6229

Fax: (708) 488-5072

Helpful Hints

  • When a health care provider completes this form, please review the instructions with them, so that YOU know your certificate is valid.
  • Review the certificate to see that it meets the criteria described in the instructions.
  • Check your Measles immunizations- do you have at least two AFTER your first birthday?
  • Note the expiration of your tetanus immunization, so you can obtain a booster before it passes the ten year mark.
  • It's a good idea to keep your own copy of your records.
  • If you request that your health care provider fax them to the Wellness Center, ask them to fax you at the same time so you know they have taken action on your request.