Student Leadership and Ministry Program

The Student Leadership and Ministry (SLAM) team is a leadership development and faith formation program for undergraduate students interested in providing faith-based leadership and outreach to students across campus. We work together to foster the Dominican spirit by deepening and developing experiences of the Four Pillars - Community, Prayer, Service, and Study. SLAM is not a student organization or social club, but rather a leadership commitment that involves working with the University Ministry staff, fellow SLAM team members, and other partners across campus to build the Dominican University faith community.

Applications for the 2015-2016 school year are now available.

Student Leadership and Ministry Team 2014-2015


Abbey Abraham, senior

Major: Psychology

Enjoys meditation, reading, and discovering new things.


Imani Davis, junior

Major: Graphic Design

Enjoys dancing and learning Spanish and Korean.

Christina Dziekonski.JPG

Christina Dziekonski, freshman

Major: Special Education

Enjoys yoga, lectoring, and bowling.

Rosanna Fiasche.JPG

Rosanna Fiasche, freshman

Major: Education

Enjoys reading and hanging our with her friends.

Viviana Gracia-Blanco_0.JPG

Viviana Gracia-Blanco, sophomore

Major: International Relations

Enjoys reading and watching Netflix.

Diana Hernandez_0.JPG

Diana Hernandez, sophomore

Major: Psychology & Journalism

Enjoys writing, dancing, and working on DIY projects.


Kayla Jackson, junior

Major: Psychology

Enjoys singing and playing the guitar.

Sean Korbus.JPG

Sean Korbus, sophomore

Major: Neuroscience

Enjoys providing assistance and help to others.

Katie Nicholson.JPG

Katie Nicholson, junior

Major: Theology

Enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music.

Kevin Parfitt.JPG

Kevin Parfitt, junior

Major: Computer Science

Enjoys being with friends and playing video games.

Emilia Pilch (2)_0.JPG

Emilia Pilch, sophomore

Major: Biology

Enjoys kickboxing and reading.

Carolina Talavera_0.JPG

Carolina Talavera, sophomore

Major: French/Education

Enjoys spending time to reflect at Lake Michigan.


Emilia Walasik, junior

Major: Music

Enjoys singing and playing the guitar.

Erin Winkeler_0.JPG

Erin Winkeler, junior

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Enjoys singing and cooking.


Stephanie Zavala, senior

Major: Sociology & Study of Women and Gender

Enjoys learning and teaching about social issues.


Tommy Bailey_0.JPG

Tommy Bailey, freshman

Major: Theology

Enjoys NASCAR and Chicago Blackhawks podcasts.


Ela Dworzecki, senior

Major: Criminology & Sociology

Enjoys shopping, organizing, and helping those in need.

Danielle Eubanks-Brady_0.JPG

Danielle Eubanks-Brady, senior

Major: Clinical Psychology/Black World Studies

Enjoys reading, music, and watching Netflix.

Fox Website.jpg

Katie Fox, sophomore

Major: Women and Gender Studies and Sociology

Enjoys plaing the guitar, piano, and reading

Tori Goodman_0.JPG

Tori Goodman, junior

Major: History & Writing

Enjoys playing the guitar and listening to music.

Hope Gutierrez.JPG

Hope Gutierrez, sophomore

Major: Biology

Enjoys running, playing volleyball, and watching Netflix.

Rosie Hernandez.JPG

Rosie Hernandez, freshman

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Enjoys running and painting.

Kaitlyn Kanakes_0.JPG

Kaitlyn Kanakes, junior

Major: Biology

Enjoys spending time with family and snowboarding.


Frank Landowski, sophomore

Major: Biochemistry

Enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and clarinet.


Miguel Ortiz, senior

Major: Computer Science & Graphic Design

Enjoys computer coding, playing soccer, and video games.

Jocelyn Peralta.JPG

Jocelyn Peralta, freshman

Major: Nursing

Enjoys running and reading.

Eric Smith_0.JPG

Eric Smith, sophomore

Major: Communications

Enjoys boxing, karate, poerty, drawing, and body building.


Raunel Urquiza, sophomore

Major: still exploring!

Enjoys walking, drinking coffee, and jazz music.

Bree Watral_0.JPG

Bree Watral, senior

Major: English & History

Enjoys reading, writing, and all things Medieval.

Samantha Youseph_0.JPG

Samantha Youseph, sophomore

Major: Education, French

Enjoys figure skating, playing the piano, and traveling.