Student Leadership and Ministry Program

The Student Leadership and Ministry (SLAM) team is a leadership development and faith formation program for undergraduate students interested in providing faith-based leadership and outreach to students across campus. We work together to foster the Dominican spirit by deepening and developing experiences of the Four Pillars - Community, Prayer, Service, and Study. SLAM is not a student organization or social club, but rather a leadership commitment that involves working with the University Ministry staff, fellow SLAM team members, and other partners across campus to build the Dominican University faith community.


Student Leadership and Ministry Team 2014-2015


Abbey Abraham, senior

Major: Psychology

Enjoys meditation, reading, and discovering new things.


Imani Davis, junior

Major: Graphic Design

Enjoys dancing and learning Spanish and Korean.

Christina Dziekonski.JPG

Christina Dziekonski, freshman

Major: Special Education

Enjoys yoga, lectoring, and bowling.

Rosanna Fiasche.JPG

Rosanna Fiasche, freshman

Major: Education

Enjoys reading and hanging our with her friends.

Viviana Gracia-Blanco_0.JPG

Viviana Gracia-Blanco, sophomore

Major: International Relations

Enjoys reading and watching Netflix.

Diana Hernandez_0.JPG

Diana Hernandez, sophomore

Major: Psychology & Journalism

Enjoys writing, dancing, and working on DIY projects.


Kayla Jackson, junior

Major: Psychology

Enjoys singing and playing the guitar.

Sean Korbus.JPG

Sean Korbus, sophomore

Major: Neuroscience

Enjoys providing assistance and help to others.

Katie Nicholson.JPG

Katie Nicholson, junior

Major: Theology

Enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music.

Kevin Parfitt.JPG

Kevin Parfitt, junior

Major: Computer Science

Enjoys being with friends and playing video games.

Emilia Pilch (2)_0.JPG

Emilia Pilch, sophomore

Major: Biology

Enjoys kickboxing and reading.

Carolina Talavera_0.JPG

Carolina Talavera, sophomore

Major: French/Education

Enjoys spending time to reflect at Lake Michigan.


Emilia Walasik, junior

Major: Music

Enjoys singing and playing the guitar.

Erin Winkeler_0.JPG

Erin Winkeler, junior

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Enjoys singing and cooking.


Stephanie Zavala, senior

Major: Sociology & Study of Women and Gender

Enjoys learning and teaching about social issues.


Tommy Bailey_0.JPG

Tommy Bailey, freshman

Major: Theology

Enjoys NASCAR and Chicago Blackhawks podcasts.


Ela Dworzecki, senior

Major: Criminology & Sociology

Enjoys shopping, organizing, and helping those in need.

Danielle Eubanks-Brady_0.JPG

Danielle Eubanks-Brady, senior

Major: Clinical Psychology/Black World Studies

Enjoys reading, music, and watching Netflix.

Fox Website.jpg

Katie Fox, sophomore

Major: Women and Gender Studies and Sociology

Enjoys plaing the guitar, piano, and reading

Tori Goodman_0.JPG

Tori Goodman, junior

Major: History & Writing

Enjoys playing the guitar and listening to music.

Hope Gutierrez.JPG

Hope Gutierrez, sophomore

Major: Biology

Enjoys running, playing volleyball, and watching Netflix.

Rosie Hernandez.JPG

Rosie Hernandez, freshman

Major: Bio-Chemistry

Enjoys running and painting.

Kaitlyn Kanakes_0.JPG

Kaitlyn Kanakes, junior

Major: Biology

Enjoys spending time with family and snowboarding.


Frank Landowski, sophomore

Major: Biochemistry

Enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and clarinet.


Miguel Ortiz, senior

Major: Computer Science & Graphic Design

Enjoys computer coding, playing soccer, and video games.

Jocelyn Peralta.JPG

Jocelyn Peralta, freshman

Major: Nursing

Enjoys running and reading.

Eric Smith_0.JPG

Eric Smith, sophomore

Major: Communications

Enjoys boxing, karate, poerty, drawing, and body building.


Raunel Urquiza, sophomore

Major: still exploring!

Enjoys walking, drinking coffee, and jazz music.

Bree Watral_0.JPG

Bree Watral, senior

Major: English & History

Enjoys reading, writing, and all things Medieval.

Samantha Youseph_0.JPG

Samantha Youseph, sophomore

Major: Education, French

Enjoys figure skating, playing the piano, and traveling.