Alternative Break Trips

University Ministry’s ABI Program offers Dominican University students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to step beyond our gates and dive into the social concerns of today. The program includes immersion experiences offered over the fall, spring, and summer breaks. We learn together in relationship. A team from Dominican University engages in service and builds relationships with people living in a different culture and among themselves. Together we examine social issues, reflect, and pray together. We do all of this because such experiences have the power to transform lives, especially our own. We hope that you’ll consider applying.

Fall Break

Pilgrimage to Philadelphia: First Visit of Pope Francis to the US
Sept. 24-28, 2015

For centuries, Christians and members of other faith traditions, have traveled to places considered sacred for the purpose of coming to know God and themselves better. Our pilgrimage this fall will be to the City of Philadelphia. It is a place that has been understood as the birthplace of representative democracy, and it is holy not because of the political events that took place there but because of the people that will journey, just like you, to hear the message of love and inclusion that Pope Francis has proclaimed to the world. The beauty of a pilgrimage is that the destination is not the only place where God’s love is revealed. In truth, the journey itself tells us more about ourselves and about God than any place. We invite you to come and hear God’s word. Be a part of Pope Francis’ historic visit to the United States! Discover something about yourself, about your community, and about God!

Winter Break

Guatemala Service Immersion - This program is focused on service in San Lucas Tolimàn, Guatemala. One of the most well-known missions in Guatemala, its long-term devotion has been the enhancement and enrichment of the whole person by addressing both the immediate effects of poverty and its underlying causes. Our service enhances the San Lucas mission and immerses us in Guatemalan culture. Sponsored through Community Based Learning this new experience is bound to be a great opportunity to continue exercising our commitment to be global citizens.

Spring Break

United Saints: New Orleans, LA
March 5-12, 2016

The story of New Orleans is a tale of two cities - poverty and affluence, decadence and simplicity, tradition rooted in history and modernization, pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. You will meet the people of New Orleans, experience their warm hospitality, and contribute to the rebuilding efforts still taking place in struggling neighborhoods through our partnering organization – the United Saints Recovery Project. You’ll have the opportunity to do large and small home building and rehab projects to allow homeowners to return to and stay in their homes. We’ll experience a social justice tour of the city addressing the history and culture of the city from its founding through slavery and reconstruction, the modern period, and through the terrible events of Katrina in 2005 through to the present recovery. We’ll frame all of our work, learning and reflection in the spirit of the ongoing civil rights movement stopping at the National Civil Rights Memorial in Memphis, Tennessee on the way to NOLA.

Summer Break

Borderlands, Trip to the U.S./Mexico Border: San Diego, CA ~ Tijuana, MX
May 11-18, 2016

Borderlands is a unique opportunity to serve and to learn in the space in between two nations, two cultures, two ways of life. It is a seven-day, six night service immersion to the U.S./México border communities of San Diego, CA and Tijuana, MX. During the journey, students, faculty, and staff experience and unpack the socio-political herida abierta, (open wound) that is the border between two peoples. We will explore the ways that the U.S./México border is more than a place. It is a metaphor for the way that our lives are the complex integration of many things: faith, culture, society, desires, fears, hopes, and dreams. The borderlands are a place within us and a place that exists in the world.

Nazareth Farm: Salem, WV
May 15-21, 2016

Experience the rich cultural heritage of Appalachia as you come together with college students from across the country for a week of home repair, community building, faith sharing, and simple living. Nazareth Farm is located in beautiful rural West Virginia and has hosted high school and college groups for service retreats since 1979. A typical day involves morning chores, community meals, prayer, going out to work sites to assist low-income residents with home repair, and fun social time in the evening.

Applications are due by April 5, 2016 - drop them off in the Ministry Center (Lewis 216).