Alternative Break Trips

University Ministry’s ABI Program offers Dominican University students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to step beyond our gates and dive into the social concerns of today. The program includes immersion experiences offered over the fall, spring, and summer breaks. We learn together in relationship. A team from Dominican University engages in service and builds relationships with people living in a different culture and among themselves. Together we examine social issues, reflect, and pray together. We do all of this because such experiences have the power to transform lives, especially our own. We hope that you’ll consider applying.

Winter Break

Guatemala Service Immersion 

Spring Break

United Saints: New Orleans, LA
March 3-10, 2018

Haiti Service Immersion
March 3-10, 2018

MARCH: Selma, Montgomery, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis
March 1-10, 2018

The social and political changes brought on by the US Civil Rights Movement continue to impact national life around issues of race, equity and citizenship, but this is not the full extent of the movement’s impact.   This trip will explore two important threads of social and cultural impact – faith communities and social action and the arts and social action. 

Summer Break

Borderlands, Trip to the U.S./Mexico Border: San Diego, CA ~ Tijuana, MX
May 14-20, 2018

Nazareth Farm: Salem, WV
May 13-10, 2018


Receive Academic Credit

The service and study immersions to Haiti and Guatemala are designed as credit-bearing courses. All other alternative break immersions can have credit bearing components added to them to meet the requirements for the Social Justice and Civic Engagement Minor or for any other major/minor program  that agrees to integrate this experience into your course of study.