Simple Things

Sometimes I get tired of being an adult. With all the internal and external pressure to be mature and responsible, sometimes the simplest things are the most relaxing. The other day I made myself a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and munched on Goldfish crackers and baby carrots. It made me feel like a little kid again, if only for a moment. I still enjoy coloring with crayons and playing with playdough and sometimes all I want to do is put on my pajamas and watch Disney movies.

As the semester begins, I miss the simplicity of winter break—goofing off with my family, visiting friends and watching entirely too much TV. Now the real work is about to start and I am excited and a little scared.

I attended a leadership conference at Dominican today and it really helped motivate and energize me for the semester ahead. One of the sessions was about balancing obligations, schoolwork, sleep, work and all the other things college students cram into their busy schedules. We concluded that there is enough time in a week to get everything done; it just depends on how we prioritize our tasks.

Academics are at the top of my priority list, followed by work and meetings. For me, sleep is a big priority because I get cranky if I don’t get enough. Exercising and eating well are also very important because they help me stay healthy and energized for the long days of working and studying. Family time, social events and alone time usually fall to the bottom of the list but they are also very important. We all need time to relax and de-stress and simple things like dinner with a friend or watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother are a welcome break from a hectic schedule. It is important to take time away from obligations and spend time doing something we want to do amidst all the things we have to do.

College is a wonderful time of exploring and discovering academic things and also personal things. I learn something new about myself every day. Something I learned recently is that simple things make me happy. Whether that means talking with a friend or taking “me time” to read a book, it is important to spend time apart from my routine and re-energize myself for the day ahead. Whether or not this involves pre-school level craft projects is entirely up to me.

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