Share the Fruits of Your Contemplation

How many of you remember hearing, “You are student first and foremost?” Well it is true, as a Dominican  student  I am obligated to pursue my studies with a fiery passion. Some of you reading this might be high school students looking into DU, or you might be a peer of mine, either way you might be thinking: You have got to be kidding me! I went to college hoping to improve my social life! Whoa, slow down there, have you ever heard of balance? Do you want to have a good chance of getting the job you have always wanted? The saying is true- student first, social-butterfly second- and that is a very good thing. That statement might seem like a no-brainer, but we all need to be aware of it. I say that, taking time for your academics will actually benefit your time outside of class assignments.

Three classes come to mind when considering far-reaching benefits. The first is Business and Professional Speech, taught by Dr. Ric Calabrese. The course focuses on the proper techniques and methods for giving speeches. Professors expect students to, improve their eye contact, move  with meaning, use vocal inflection, use correct diction, and understand the difference between the halo effect and the horn effect. The final presentation was about our passions- I spoke about summer mission trips.

Microeconomics with Professor Peter Alonzi is another course that stands out. Students gain an appreciation for the relationship between supply and demand, quantity and price, benefits and hurts. Professor Alonzi teaches his students how to be smart consumers who care for their future, the economy and the earth. Do you know what a ‘sunk cost’ is? My freshman seminar, Playing with the Passions, is the final course I will mention. Prof. Ann Charney Colmo, who just retired from her professorship at Dominican, carefully took us through The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, an excerpt from Descartes’ writings, and The Brothers Karamazov by Theodor Dostoevsky. Implications included: -How we can analytically and logically come to an understanding of both God’s and Satan’s role in creation, especially within the mindset of the last century, including:

  • The possible separation between body and soul;
  • Loving our family even when they are belligerent alcoholics, like Karamazov Sr.;
  • How we hold healthy criticism for the world in which we live, with norms and expectations in mind.

I have taken at least three more classes that have made a lasting impression on me. College is the time to expand our horizons and to discover our passions. Take the time to build a strong foundation for your future. Take the time at Dominican University.

Business and Professional Speech, Playing with the Passions, quantity and price, supply and demand