Riot Fest, and All That Chicago Has To Offer

Rachel Newlin at Riot FestOne of the great things about going to Dominican University is its close proximity to all things Chicago. I had already learned this lesson at the very beginning of my first school year. But, as a sophomore, being a student at Dominican University gave me the opportunity to take part in something that I never thought would even be a possibility. This, specifically, was Riot Fest 2013.

Now, for any parents reading this, let me tell you that the title of the musical festival was not indicative of my experience there. While a punk rock music festival, I never experienced so much love in one place. A love of music is all the weekend really entailed. While not a school event, I think it’s still worthy of mentioning because it shows just how many things are always happening in Chicago and why I’m glad Dominican is the place that I decided to spend my college years.

Riot Fest 2013 was held in Humboldt Park, a quick bus ride from Dominican’s Main Campus, and even closer to the Priory Campus. As a Saint Louis native, being so close to one of the best music festivals in the business was a new and exciting experience for me. It was held September 13-15, making it three of the best days of my entire life. I was there mostly to see Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, my two favorite bands. The opportunity to see them both in the same weekend was one that I could not pass up.

I went to the fest with my friend Kate, a Dominican student as well. While there I noticed many familiar faces and was happy to know that many other Dominican students were taking advantage of the close proximity. While I could go on for days about how amazing Riot Fest was, and how I saw my favorite bands, and even met one of them for the 5th time and showed them a tattoo that I got in homage of all that they’ve done for me, that’s really not the point of this post! Riot Fest 2013 was an event in Chicago that was targeted towards all the things I’m interested in as a person.

And in Chicago, there are those sorts of events for everyone. I think that one of the greatest things that Dominican has to offer is its ability to be right where the action is, yet humbly away from it when need be. I love the suburban atmosphere when I’m in need of studying (which, frankly, is most of the time), but when concerts and events come up in the surrounding area or downtown, I’m close enough to take advantage of those things to available to me. Whether you’re interested in comics, dance, music or theatre, Chicago has something for you. As a Saint Louis native, it can be overwhelming in the best of ways. I love it so much that over the summer I even came back to visit because I couldn’t stand to be away for three whole months! Dominican and Chicago as a whole have completely stolen my heart, and even as a now-veteran Chicago resident, I’m finding new things to spend my free time doing. 

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