Retreats On and Off Campus

What a transition into sophomore year has been for me, a completely different schedule, plenty of new classmates and a new roommate. I should write a book about my time at Dominican University, A Dominican Education: My Four Years at the Real Hogwarts. I would sell a million copies while at the same time be sued by J.K. Rowling.

Today I met with my good friend Andrea at the Cyber Cafe to chat, enjoy a hot beverage and do some homework. I have seen her, along with some other people, only a few times this semester. Our class and work schedules conflict like crazy. So I enjoy the times we have together, on retreats or while enjoying a ‘What’s-On-Wednesday?’ event (stuff-a-bear, Italian ice etc).

Speaking of retreats, the Modern God overnight fall retreat was this past weekend at the Techny Towers Conference and Retreat Center. We stopped for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, ten minutes away from the retreat center. Four people gave witness-talks, based on the Dominican Pillars: study, prayer (I gave this one), service, and community. Twelve participants signed up, including the five retreat leaders. We split into two small groups, which were both highly successful. I led the Tai Chi prayer meditation exercise outside on the beautiful grounds. On Saturday evening, some of us played Apple to Apples and, my new favorite game, Picture Telephone (write a sentence then pass it to the next person who draws what they see, and then repeat). My favorite part of the retreat was the service meditation stations activity, which included reflections on starvation in third-world countries, some wise words by the Dalai Lama, women in Middle East who have each won the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their fight for women-equality, among other topics. Many people liked the Affirmation Bags, where we wrote notes to each other affirming how we saw God working through them.

I have had my share of retreats this semester! Somehow there is still one more left- The Fall Busy Student Retreat. I recommend everyone to check it out. It is a low-key retreat that happens on campus, over the course of four days (about an hour each day). Stop by the University Ministry Center for more information.

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