Dominican Research

Dominican Research Opportunities

The work of moving Research and Creativity from an ambitious mission to an operating unit is still ahead of us. However, the programs below already provide Dominican students with rich opportunities to develop their abilities as independent and collaborative scholars.

Rosary College's Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creative Investigations (URSCI) offers undergraduates the opportunities to work as faculty research assistants and engage in intensive independent research projects. For more information, go to the URSCI website or contact URSCI Director David Perry at

The Dominican University Honors Program invites incoming students with a record of high achievement and faculty nominated sophomores to take part in a program that both provides its students with challenging and discipline-crossing seminars and challenges them to pursue an independent research or creative product over the course of their junior and senior years. For more information, go to the Honors Program website or contact co-Directors Mickey Sweeney, at and Clodagh Weldon, at

Research and Creativity will complement the rich intellectual culture these offices foster. This new office will provide programs that make the sometimes hard to imagine work of research and expression imaginable and tangible for students and expand opportunities for them to engage in well-crafted scholarship and self-expression. We invite all of the Dominican University community to help us give shape to these initiatives.

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The office of Undergraduate Resarch, Scholarship, and Creative Investigations (URSCI) hosts an annual Exposition the first week of April.

If you're interested in learning more about the URSCI Expo.

This day-long event has become a highlight of Dominican’s academic year. Over the past two years, approximately 10 percent of the undergraduate population has participated by:

  • giving oral presentations,
  • poster presentations, or
  • exhibiting their artwork. 

Fellow students can support the presenters and look for inspiration for their own research projects.

For more information, please contact David Perry at

Global Learning Symposium

During the Global Learning Symposium, Graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff will showcase global learning experiences they have enjoyed at Dominican University.  The Global Learning Symposium will take place in Parmer Hall, in conjunction with the URSCI Expo. The Symposium will include poster presentations, oral presentations, and student panels.  If you're interested in applying to participate in the Global Learning Symposium, click on this link; If you have any questions about this new program, please contact Paul Simpson (