Q&A with Assistant Professor CarrieLynn Reinhard

CarrieLynn Reinhard This week I sat down with Dominican Communication Arts & Sciences Assistant Professor CarrieLynn D. Reinhard to talk about her classes at Dominican and how she made her way here.

Q: How did you arrive at Dominican?

A: Before coming here, I lived outside the U.S. for two and a half years.  I  did research and got a post-doc at a university in Denmark.  After my contract ended I decided to return to the U.S.  I considered positions at universities in Hawaii and California, but Dominican University really caught my eye. I really liked the mission of Dominican to prepare students for ethically engaging with the world they live in.  My own interest in community-minded media production falls along those lines.

Q: As a new professor, what is your perspective on life at Dominican ?

A: I did my undergraduate and graduate work at huge state schools, Ohio State University and University of Wisconsin in Madison.  The school in Denmark where I got my post-doc was a smaller university, but I did not get much of a feel for the communications department there.  The professors were nice, but I had no idea what was going on during meetings because I did not speak Danish.  Coming to Dominican, I now know why a small university is a good place to be. You have a lot more of that collegiate atmosphere, like I had over in Denmark where everyone was friendly and working together.  At Dominican there is this sense that people really want to help you. It creates a good atmosphere for new students.  It really contributes toward a sense of academic growth for students.

Q: What aspects of teaching at Dominican do you really enjoy?

A: I love the small class sizes, which means that I can work more closely with students.  I can be more reflexive and notice when students are confused about the material.  I can make adjustments to the class schedule before moving on.  I also love the freedom and encouragement to push the department, in terms of what technology we are using for production and pedagogy.  There are a lot of great opportunities for research and instruction, even for my own advancement.  As a young professor on the tenure track, I am in the perfect place to reach my goal as a scholar of communication methods.

Q: What are some of your favorite elements of the classes you teach?

A: I really like my classes on persuasion, convergent media, and digital communication technology.  I am fond of the projects that have been set up through them.  For the persuasion course I focus on the integration of visual messages. For convergent media I have my students see how all media technologies can be used in tandem toward a strategic campaign.  My focus for the digital communication technology course is on socially beneficial purposes.  I am having my students think about the technology they use with the Dominican mindset, that all are to be of service to the community.

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