Oh So Proudly Dominican!

Students in the fall at Dominican UniversityThere is something so electric about a college campus coming alive at the beginning of a new academic year.  The hallways slowly start to fill up and you can really feel the energy of new students ready to begin their adventure, and old students refreshed and ready to go.

 As I was living and working on campus this summer as one of the STARS Leaders I had the opportunity to meet the many new freshman as they came in for orientation.  It was wonderful to see so many students excited about coming to Dominican with so much fresh energy and endless questions.  Leading them in various icebreakers and guiding them to different locations on campus I was reminded of myself and my own SOAR experience, something that seems so far away now.  I can recall vividly that I was absolutely terrified that I would not meet anybody, but at Dominican there is always somebody to meet, and some of the people I met at SOAR are still my close friends today. 

As the summer drew to a close I began to realize that Senior Year was finally upon me.  As I now walk around campus there is such a different feel from years past.  Old faces are gone and new faces are all around, something that I find extremely bittersweet but comforting.  As my own college experience begins to draw to a close I know that a whole new group is just beginning their own journey.  I know that long after I graduate, Dominican will always welcome new students who will have their own set of adventures at this amazing school.

So, as I begin a year full of meetings, rehearsals, classes, programs, lectures and countless hours of homework, I know that I will cherish every minute of it.  I know that the future is inevitable, but for the next eight months I will be enjoying every last second of my time here at good old Dominican.  

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