Good Web Design Is Key to Any Successful Enterprise

The World Wide Web has fundamentally changed the manner in which systems are developed and information is delivered. Ubiquity of the platform, increased accessibility, and speed of development create a new information environment.

Web-based platforms are used not only in websites, but also as the application front end for business enterprise systems, public and private sector information discovery portals, educational delivery systems, and online commerce. The SOIS Certificate in Web Design prepares students with the necessary knowledge to design, develop, and maintain an organization's web presence.

The SOIS Certificate in Web Design provides:

  • A theoretical foundation of the technical and social aspects of interface design, web design, and information and data architectures.
  • A practical foundation in evaluating the needs of user interfaces in the web environments, application development, data storage and retrieval, and database design.

Students may combine this certificate with other coursework toward the completion of the Master of Professional Studies.

Degree Requirements

The certificate is offered for students currently pursuing an MLIS at the School of Information Studies (SOIS) or to returning students who want to add the specialization to a completed Dominican MLIS degree or its equivalent from an ALA-accredited graduate library program. Candidates work in collaboration with a faculty advisor to shape a plan of study.


Certificate completion requires 15 graduate credit hours.


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