FAQ - Spring

Please direct all questions to dugraduation@dom.edu

When is commencement?

The Winter Commencement Ceremony is Saturday, January 11, 2014 at Dominican University.
The Commencement Ceremony is in the Lund Auditorium.  
1 p.m. Commencement Ceremony
Students should arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of their ceremony. The procession will begin at 12:50 p.m. 

How do I sign up to participate in the Winter Commencement?

Students should have received an email from their school that included an Online Commencement Participation Form.  The Commencement Participation Form can be found on-line at http://teams.dom.edu/commencement.  Please carefully read and complete the form by Wednesday, October 23. If you are not already logged into the DU network, you will need to login in using your MyDU login and password.  This form must be completed to assure your participation in the ceremony and to reserve your guest tickets.  If you are NOT participating in the ceremony, it is important to complete the form noting that decision and submitting the form by Wednesday, October 23.  If you do not remember your password please go to https://apps.dom.edu/mypassword/ and follow the instructions to reset your password.  If you continue to have problems please email dugraduation@dom.edu  for assistance.

Is there a commencement rehearsal? 

There will be no commencement rehearsal.  Students will be emailed a list of instructions and seating information the week of January 6, 2014. 

Where do graduating students meet before commencement?

Line-up begins 45 minutes before the ceremony. Students should gather at 12:15 p.m. in the following locations.
Noonan Reading Room - 2nd Floor of Lewis Hall

  • Rosary College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Graduate School of Social Work
  • School of Professional and Continuing Studies
  • School of Education

Lewis Link – 2nd Floor of Lewis Hall and Library 

  • Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

Lewis Hall – 2nd Floor Room 203

  • Brennan School of Business

Students should only bring their cap, gown, hood and honor cords. All other items should be left with family or in in your vehicle.   

What should graduating students wear to commencement?

Graduates wear caps and gowns with hoods that vary by schools. Students may wear their honor cords. Your attire should be business appropriate (i.e. no jeans, flip-flops, shorts etc.) We want to make sure that you look your best when you walk across the stage. Please leave your purses or any other items with family members so you do not carry them as you process.

How do graduating students order commencement regalia (cap and gown)?

Regalia is ordered for you based on your answers when you completed the Online Participation Form.  Contact the bookstore@dom.edu if you need assistance.

More information on regalia >

What do graduating students do with my cap and gown after the ceremony? 

The regalia is the "keepsake" variety - graduates do not need to return regalia after the commencement ceremonies. The regalia is yours to keep. There will be donation boxes in Lewis Hall if you choose to not keep your regalia.

How many tickets do graduating students receive for the ceremony?

Students will receive up to four tickets.  Graduates do not need a ticket.  Any child under the age of two, or who will be sitting on an adult's lap, does not need a ticket. We encourage graduates who are not using all of their tickets to give to others in need. See the Ticket Information page for more information.

I have guests that require special assistance (including ADA compliance), how can I receive assistance?

If your guests need assistance with accessibility issues, please contact the Dean of Students office in advance of the ceremony at (708) 524-6822 or jpaulus@dom.edu.

Where can friends and family park?

Parking is available at the following locations.

Do graduating students receive their diploma when they walk across the stage? 

Graduates will receive their diploma cover on stage. Graduates will receive their diploma in the mail four -six weeks after the May 4, 2013 Commencement Ceremony.

Where can graduating students order graduation announcements?

You can purchase printed announcements through Jostens. Or stop in the bookstore. See the Cap and Gown page for additional information.

How do graduating students order a class ring?

You can purchase an official Dominican ring from Jostens. These beautiful rings represent your prestigious degree as well as the distinction of Dominican University. The school seal is crafted in beautiful detail and is available in white gold and yellow gold. The rings are available in three different sizes: small signet, medium signet and the large signet. Your ring includes a lifetime warranty.
Please check the Events page for dates when Jostens will be on campus.

Is there a photographer the day of commencement?

  • A photographer from GradImages will be at your ceremony to take a candid photograph of you at your special moment of recognition
  • You will receive a free passport-sized digital proof of this photo on an order card within 5-7 days following the ceremony
  • Questions may be emailed to service@gradimages.com
  • After the ceremony you may order online at GradImages or call (800) 261-2576
  • Since photographs will be available, family members and guests are encouraged to remain in their seats, relax and enjoy the ceremony
  • Prior to the ceremony: To pre-register your permanent email address, please visit GradImages and click on Pre-Event Registration. You may add contact information for up to six additional relatives and/or friends.
  • GradImages never has and never will sell or share the address/email information provided to us to any other vendor.

Is the ceremony streamed live?

The ceremony will be streamed live. On the day of commencement please go the main commencement page - you will find the link on the right side of the page.