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In advance of Google's April 15 one-day public sale of its Google Glass computerized eyewear technology, CarrieLynn Reinhard, assistant professor of communication arts and sciences, checked out Dominican's own pair.

A front-page Chicago Tribune from March 22 story tells how Dominican University apparel design students partnered with Grace House, a recovery facility for former convicts, to provide residents with custom-fit business attire.

John Jenks, professor of journalism, discussed the legacy of Rev. Carl McIntire, the famed conservative radio host who fought the Fairness Doctrine by attempting to take his show offshore in 1973.

Samina Hadi-Tabassum, associate professor of education, discusses Teach For America's policy of accepting undocumented students into its ranks.

Dominican University has introduced men's volleyball as a varsity intercollegiate sport for 2014.

Dominican University graphic design majors and English majors recently teamed up to create brochures and a children’s book about animal rescue for a non-profit animal shelter.

Student Jamie Visser created a documentary film featuring interviews with the Sinsinawa sisters.

David M. Perry, associate professor of history, has recently written essays for, and Perry has weighed in on a variety of topics ranging from the Pope's recent remarks on the redemption of all people to the controversy surrounding Boston College's commencement speaker invitation to Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

A new four-part PBS series on the Constitution, starting Tuesday, May 7 includes a clip filmed in Dominican University’s Quad.