My Awesome Internship

Dominican University Fashion Sewing SkillsOne of the requirements of both the apparel design and apparel merchandising majors at Dominican University is to complete an internship in the field. This provides a way for students to learn how to apply what they learn in class to the industry and to make connections before graduation. In addition, to receive credit for the internship, students must not only write a paper on their experience, but also create a portfolio spread to use when searching for jobs.

When applying for internships this summer, I was excited when Tracy Jennings, professor and chair of the department, sent an email to students that ZZAZZ Productions was in need of a fall intern to focus on social media and help with fashion shows. I had volunteered to dress at fashion shows with ZZAZZ in the past and thought the company was a great fit for me.

ZZAZZ is a special events and fashion production company located in Oak Brook under the direction of Tracey Tarantino. They have produced shows for Chicago Magazine, Infant Welfare of Chicago, Seventeen magazine, Chanel Boutique, Escada Corporate, Max Mara Corporate and the American Cancer Society, among many others.  ZZAZZ also has a great relationship with Dominican’s fashion program and its students. Not only does ZZAZZ ask for Dominican students to volunteer to dress at their fashion shows, but both production coordinators and stylists Eileen Bracco and Abby Zupancic are alumni of Dominican. In addition,Tracey Tarantino, the director of Zzazz’s runway shows, often is a judge at Dominican’s annual fashion show.

On my second day at the internship, I was still a little nervous. When I arrived, Tracey was taking photos of Eileen in a costume to show to a client. Almost immediately, I was asked to help create a tray for a cigarette girl costume, when they sent me to Nordstrom and H&M to pick up a few items for an approaching fashion show. In doing so, I had a moment where I realized that that I can take on the big world of fashion. I knew that I could find success in my career, as my education at Dominican University had prepared me for it. I am excited to continue with my internship and see where it takes me next. Stay tuned!


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