Showing Off Our Research Skills

Danielle Moorhouse '11

Danielle Moorhouse '11 collaborated with Melissa Carr, associate professor of apparel merchandising, for her URSCI Expo presentation.

Near the end of every semester is the time when research papers are due. Students are working hard to study for exams and finish up final papers. For me, as an apparel design and merchandising student, this means finishing up research papers and presentations, while at the same time sewing and fitting garments.  

At Dominican there are many conferences that give us the opportunity to further our research abilities including the Women and Gender Studies Conference and the URSCI Expo.  

Dominican’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies (URSCI) helps to promote undergraduate research by providing funding on a competitive basis. URSCI’s Expo, held on campus each April, provides an important opportunity for students in all majors, even apparel design and merchandising, to present their independent research. 

Although science students have traditionally been well represented at Expo, one thing about the Expo that I have always enjoyed is the display of garments from each of the senior collections. It provides an opportunity for the community to see the student work up close and personal. 

As one of Dominican’s four pillars is study, research is a very important part of the curriculum.  Personally, I am considering taking advantage of another opportunity by working for a degree with distinction my senior year in which I will have the opportunity to invest my time in researching a topic that is interesting to me.  I would not only write a thesis style paper, but also create a garment inspired by my research. 

I look forward to this and the other opportunities to learn and challenge myself that Dominican University has each year.