Inspired Minds. Amazing Possibilities.

It’s winter. I am drinking a cup of tea, trying to overcome a cold and thinking of Dominican University’s tagline: “Inspired Minds Amazing Possibilities.”

Indicative of the winter months, I haven’t been outside except to walk to class or my car. But regardless of being trapped by the weather and my cold, I could not feel any more independent and free to pursue my dreams.

A Monika Horvat Original

I have become accustomed to drinking coffee every morning and tackling an on-campus job, my internship, being vice president of Campus Activities Board, and my school work each week. (Regardless of whether drinking coffee every day was a good idea, it is a symbol of adulthood.)

Dominican has been a place where I was given the space to challenge myself in my studies, faith and worldview, but also with the support and mentorship of the staff and faculty when I felt lost. I had been provided with the perfect home away from home to prepare me to be an ethical, knowledge seeking, and independent person in my career.

Looking ahead to life after graduation, I am aware of the struggles ahead of me, but I am going to take advantage of my time left at Dominican. As a junior I still have time to do so. That is why I am making a few New Year’s resolutions: 

First, I will find ways I can give back to the community using my skills in apparel design and merchandising.

This semester I had the chance to take two community-based learning courses.

For Cultural Perspectives of Dress I will volunteer at a second-hand clothing store, New to You, where I will sort clothes to be displayed in the store. Last year, we had the opportunity to design and donate a garment to New to You, and this was a great experience! (The garment I donated is pictured to the right.) I am excited to donate my time to the resale store.

For Tailoring and Fit, I will design a tailored garment for a woman being helped at Grace House, which provides interim housing, emotional and spiritual support and professional counseling to women who are exiting the Illinois prison system. I am excited to be inspired by these opportunities, which showcase just some of the amazing possibilities Dominican offers.

Second, I will take advantage of every opportunity I get to network and challenge myself in my field of study, to help set myself apart. To meet this resolution, I will be continuing my internship with ZZAZZ Productions this semester and applying for job opportunities in retail and to study abroad in Paris.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

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