Bon Voyage!

Dominican University students in Paris

Dominican University apparel design students have the opportunity to study the essentials of French fashion in Paris.

As an apparel design and merchandising student at Dominican University, I am always looking for ways to challenge myself.  Studying at the Paris American Academy has been a dream of mine event since I heard about the program freshman year. 

I have been working hard to fund this dream ever since by working full time in the summer, working two jobs this past semester, applying for scholarships, and being frugal with my money.  I’m so excited to say that I recently learned that I have been accepted into the couture techniques program, and I can’t wait to learn in Paris this July!

While completing my internship with ZZAZZ Productions, I realized how big the world of fashion really is. There is so much more left for me to learn, and I have only touched the surface. 

This opportunity will give me the chance to learn more about draping, working with delicate materials such as lace and chiffon, and couture design techniques. Lace has always been an art that has interested me, as I learned from my Mother how to tat. I hope to strengthen my creativity and challenge my ability to be innovative in design. 

This program also will allow for the opportunity to not only challenge myself, but also learn new techniques, such as millinery and dyeing. When I return home, I hope to have challenged myself and have an understanding of what kind of designer I would like to be.

However, these are only the material things I will learn. I am excited to gain a new worldview by being fully immersed in the French culture and the chance to learn about the essentials of French fashion, as I have always been intrigued by the French culture and language. 

I have been looking for ways to incorporate my career path of fashion design with my 6 years of learning French. The chance to learn how to design in the city that has defined what fashion is for centuries is a chance of a lifetime. Not only will I be able to learn about design in the classroom, but I will be immersed in a city filled with fashion and opportunities to strengthen my knowledge. 

I cannot wait to have this study abroad experience and am so happy to have this opportunity to study fashion in the city that is known for fashion. Bon Voyage!