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The Parable Conference Legacy Collection

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We appreciate the generosity of the Parable Executive Board who provided the funding necessary to organize the collection according to archival standards. We are also very grateful for this donation that enabled the creation of the McGreal Center website.


Scope and Content

The Parable collection was kept as close as possible to original order set up by the most recent Executive Director, Sr. Connie Schoen. In Series I, the “history” folders are labeled by year as designated by the creator of the records. They contain a variety of information from that year including program brochures correspondence, minutes and agendas. Detailed inventories by, the item level, were done for boxes 1-3, box 4, file folder 1-7, box 13 & 14 and box 17, file folder 1-7. These inventories are placed in the front of corresponding box. There are also two itemized inventories of books, one is Lands of Dominic related with materials germane to the pilgrimage and the other is Parable Books which are reference works addressing the Dominican family.

This collection has many images from various events and pilgrimages. There are several slide show presentations with accompanying scripts and audio tapes. These have been separated out to accommodate storage needs of the items (scripts in box 20, slides in box 21 and audio in box 22). In Grant Correspondence (Box 18 FF2) there is a narrative that contains good historical documentation of the Parable Conference. Land of Dominic Pilgrimages has been separated from the other pilgrimage (Central American, Peru and Dominican Republic) in boxes 10 and 11 for easy reference. The land of Dominic calendars have been placed in box 24 and CD ROMs of images and power point presentations are in Box 22 with other digital media.

There are several VHS tapes in box 23 of various conference presentations and educational programs. These have been copied onto DVDs (box 22) in digital format so that they may be placed on the internet at a later date. Box 21 has contains many photographs that chronicle parable events. They are grouped by event and most individuals and places are identified.

Series Description

Parable Administrative/Organizational/History- Contains the mission, bylaws and minutes, agendas for advisory council and board meetings. There is also Dominican Leadership and Dominican US Secretariat related correspondence, reports and documents. The US Dominican Family/Organizations category provides an overview of the various branches and institutions of the Dominican family including laity and schools.

Parable Programs and Events- Is arranged by the various programs and events created or sponsored by the Parable Conference. This is grouped by Events, Retreats and Parish Missions containing study and supplemental materials, meeting schedule, agendas and promotional literature and enrollment forms.

Pilgrimages- These are grouped by Lands of Dominic (Europe; Spain, France and Italy), Central America, Dominican Republic and Peru. These records contain study materials, itineraries, promotional literature, liturgy resources and lectures.

Dominican Family Resources- Contains educational reference materials on many facets of the Dominican family.  It also includes “Parable Publications” and “Dominican Publications”. These contain works created by, or out, of Parable events and materials created by other Dominican family foundations as well as music and composers.

Business/Financial- Financial reports, spread sheets and budget information. It contains grant information and other sources of funding such as “ Sponsors”. Also includes expense records, bank statements, canceled checks, check stubs and tax exempt (501 (c) 3) status information.

Images- Photographs, slides, and multimedia presentations of various parable events, pilgrimages, educational presentations in DVD, CD ROM, cassette and VHS tapes.

Books/Printed Materials- These are published books and are divided into two groups. “Land of Dominic related” are works related to the Land of Dominic pilgrimage. These range from to travel books and maps to historical works on the people and places associated with the pilgrimage. The “General Reference” books are topics of interest to Dominicans ranging from St. Dominic to the Dominican Laity.