Literacy and Learning Resources

The mission of Literacy and Learning Resources is to promote and support all Dominican University students’ efforts to achieve success and distinction in their academic careers. Literacy and Learning Resources provides tutoring, academic guidance and appropriate learning accommodations to students at any level in their academic career and across a wide range of subject areas, competency achievements and individual needs. The office also provides Dominican students with opportunities to develop their skills as communicators and educators by working as tutors and in other student academic support roles.

Students seeking academic support from our staff of educational professionals, learning specialists and peer tutors can find all of the following services in Parmer Hall, Suite 010.

Writing Lab and Math Clinic – Meet with professional and peer tutors for technical guidance, constructive feedback and reviews of your problem solving reasoning.

Subject Specific Peer Tutoring Work with academically accomplished and professor recommended student tutors for tutoring in biology, chemistry, psychology, computers, physics, modern languages, business, bioethics and other disciplines.

Kurzweil Licenses --

Disability Support Services – Students who have submitted the required documentation identifying their disability and need for accommodation to the Dean of Students can work with Disability Support Specialists to receive appropriate academic support, services and accommodations.

WCOnline - An online way to create, modify, and reschedule tutoring appointments. Accessed at, this site allows students to find appropriate tutors and set appointmentsduring any hour, whether they are on or off campus. If you seek tutoring in a subject area that you do not see in the online listings, please email the Tutoring Coordinator, at For step-by-step directions download a  PDF of instructions.


Paul Simpson
Director and
Professional Writing Tutor

Bob Greenwald
Professional Writing Tutor

Jennifer Stockdale 
Professional Writing Tutor

Tim Cook
Professional Writing Tutor

Katie Carty
Professional Writing Tutor

Tom Freyman
Professional Math Tutor

Mari Callahan-Ross
Learning Disabilities Specialist