Copyright Permission

Procedures for requesting copyright permission:

  1. Faculty should carefully review the copyrighted material to be used and determine whether they need to obtain permission from the copyright owner or if the document is covered by the principles of fair use. For example, if the journal article has been posted on Canvas or electronic reserve for your class during a semester and you want to use the same article again the following semester, a copyright permission must be sought from the copyright owner. Permission must be sought for each subsequent use.
  2. Faculty are responsible for providing a complete bibliographic citation (including title, author, copyright or publication date, volume, issue and edition of the publication, chapter or article title, and the exact page numbers of the material to be used), and the approximate number of students in the class. Please use the form on the Library's web site for submitting copyright permission requests.
  3. For Canvas requests, faculty should submit a copyright permission form to the library copyright permission center. For electronic reserves, faculty should submit a copy of the reserve form, a photocopy of the article (unless it is already in electronic format), and a copyright permission form to the circulation staff.
  4. In order to have adequate time to process the electronic reserve, materials that are not protected by fair use must be submitted four weeks in advance so that library staff will have enough time to request permission from the copyright owner. Materials will be placed on electronic reserve upon receipt of the faculty request to obtain permission. Permission will be requested immediately.
  5. Library staff will obtain permission from the copyright owner. If permission is refused, the article will be removed from the electronic reserve and faculty will be notified. For Canvas permission requests, faculty will be notified of any refusal.
  6. For electronic reserves, every class will have its own password to access class material. It is the responsibility of the faculty to provide a password on the reserve submission form and to notify their students. The articles on electronic reserve are only available to students in that class. Librarians will not have access to the password or the material and will be unable to assist students who have forgotten the password.
  7. Library staff will disable electronic reserve documents in the system at the end of each semester. As necessary, copyright permission will be required to replace electronic reserve documents in the system.
  8. Documentation of copyright permission will be maintained by the Library copyright permission center.
  9. Course packets should be arranged and distributed through Xanedu: http://www.xanedu.com/. Xanedu will seek copyright clearance and will supply course packets.
  10. Office Services and the Stepan Bookstore will require a copyright permission to be attached to each item for course packets that are to be photocopied for sale in the Bookstore. The copyright permissions must be obtained in advance of reproduction.
  11. The Library will absorb the cost of most copyright fees. However in the case of very high cost the faculty member will be informed of alternatives. The Library reserves the right to refuse to seek copyright or to bill back the cost to the academic department.
  12. Copyright permission is not necessary for the spontaneous use of reading that the faculty needs immediately for a class because it falls under the fair use provision of copyright law. If used subsequently, permission is required. Office Services may reproduce such a reading for the faculty member.
Resource Sharing Policy

Resource sharing is the process by which the Rebcca Crown Library requests material from, or supplies material to, another library. Material includes books, and other returnable items as well as copies of journal articles, book chapters, excerpts, and other non-returnable items.

The Rebecca Crown Library provides resource sharing in order to enhance and extend the resources available to Dominican students, faculty and staff. Resource sharing is an essential part of the library's mission to meet the informational needs of the Dominican University community. It is intended to support scholarly research and supplement classroom learning.

The Rebecca Crown Library's Resource Sharing service is provided in accordance with the Consortium of Illinois Academic and Research Libraries I-Share Library Resource Sharing code , The Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS) Agreement , the Illinois Intersystem Reciprocal Borrowing Covenant and the Interlibrary Loan code for the United States .

Borrowing Materials From Other Libraries

  • Resource sharing is a free service offered to all current students, faculty and staff of Dominican University.
  • Materials which may be requested include books and government documents. Photocopies of periodical and newspaper articles may be requested in accordance with U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) and its accompanying guidelines.
  • Requests for books may be placed online via I-Share. Requests for books not available in I-Share and article requests may be placed through an electronic request form, available on the library website. Reference librarians are available to assist with submitting requests.
  • Audiovisual materials may not be requested.
  • The library will borrow dissertations if they are available. If not, the library will refer the borrower to the appropriate service to purchase the disseration.
  • When a requested item is available for pick-up, borrowers will be notified at their Dominican University email address. Article requests will be sent electronically whenever possible.
  • Borrowers may request renewals directly through “My Account” in I-Share. If the item was not obtained through I-Share, borrowers must request renewals before materials are due by contacting the Interlibrary Loan Coordinator at interlib@dom.edu or (708) 524-6877. Renewals are provided at the owning library’s discretion and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Borrowers must honor any use restrictions specified by the owning library, such as no photocopying or in-library use only.
  • All borrowed material is subject to recall by the owning library. Borrowers must respond immediately if the owning library recalls an item.
  • An individual borrower is subject to the same fine, lost and damaged material policies, as is a borrower of the same type affiliated with the lending library.
  • Resource Sharing may be limited or suspended for borrowers who repeatedly fail to pick up requested materials, keep materials overdue, or damage/deface materials.

Lending Materials To Other Libraries

  • Materials we share include books from our circulating collection, photocopies of journal articles, newspaper articles and pages from books (print or microform) and government documents.
  • Materials we do not loan include items located in Media Services, periodicals and newspapers (except single articles in accordance with U.S. copyright law), reference books, and non-circulating materials.
  • Borrowing libraries should submit requests in standard formats as prescribed by the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States. Requests will be accepted via mail, e-mail, fax, Arial or OCLC.
  • Our average turnaround time on lending is two working days. We make every possible effort to process all requests promptly.
  • Loan period is 4 weeks. Renewals may be provided at the Library’s discretion.
  • All loaned items are subject to recall.
  • There are no charges for I-Share Libraries or out-of-state libraries with whom we have reciprocal agreements unless the item is lost. The replacement cost for lost books is the current market price of the book, plus a $15.00 processing fee. If the item is no longer in print, a minimum $50.00 replacement charge plus $15.00 processing will apply.
  • Current affiliations are CARLI (I-Share), LIBRAS, RAILS and LVIS
  • Resource Sharing may be limited or suspended for borrowing libraries that repeatedly keep materials overdue, fail to properly package returning items, or that lose, damage/deface materials.

In accordance with the Library Records Confidentiality Act of the State of Illinois (75 ILCS 70) , all library records are considered confidential information. The library will not disclose such records except for the purposes of interlibrary cooperation and coordination.

Resource Sharing transactions may generate both paper and electronic records that include personally identifiable user information. Once an item has been borrowed and returned and all fines and/or fees are paid, all local Library electronic and paper records are deleted or destroyed.

Virtual Reference Privacy

Data from chat or SMS reference transactions will be collected for several purposes: training, evaluation and research. Data collected will include date, time, duration, point of entry, and subject matter for each transaction. Any data shared externally will be composited, and will not identify individual chat sessions or patrons. Complete chat transcripts will be collected and stored for up to 3 years, and used for internal training and statistical purposes only. Any identifying information such as name, email, screen name, or phone number will be removed before analysis. If you would prefer that your chat is not included for training or evaluation, please let us know at the beginning of the chat session, or email reference@dom.edu at any time with your concerns.