Browser Toolbar

The library toolbar was upgraded to version 2.0 in May 2012. Please click on features below to see complete details about the browser toolbar.

The browser toolbar is a Firefox and Google Chrome extension that provides direct access to the Library's resources. It uses software called LibX.


Search the Dominican, I-Share, and WorldCat catalogs from the toolbar menu. You can also search for journals and articles. Just click on the star icon to see this menu. To get other menus, click on the highlighted text to see additional catalogs.

Right-click context menu

Search any or using the right-click context menu. Anytime you come across text on the web you can search the library holdings for it. Just highlight the text, right click, and select the appropriate option.

Support for off-campus access via EZProxy

If you land on a page that asks for a login, right click to reload the page through the library’s proxy server to log in to the proxy server and save yourself having to go through the library website to get the article.

Quick full text access to journal articles

The toolbar uses Google Scholar to search for articles and directs the user to the electronic copy subscribed to by the library. Select a citation, then drag-and-drop it onto the toolbar icon. You can use this feature even from inside a PDF file.


References in Wikipedia will have "Check for Full Text" added on the page. Click on that to see if the library has the article.

Book Reviews

Websites where books are reviewed will usually include the ISBN. The toolbar changes ISBNs into links that will automatically search the library catalog.