Last Road Trip of the Summer

My last road trip of the summer was to North Dakota, as mentioned in my last post. This mission trip was a blast! I am finally sure of one fact: it is impossible to sleep on a coach bus without screwing up your neck.  During the week at St. Ann’s Parish in Belcourt, ND, my fellow volunteers and I cut down and removed huge branches from a cemetery, tore up moldy carpeting, tore down old drywall, and spent time with patients at a nearby nursing home by playing Yahtzee and praying the Rosary with them. We met an 80 year-old Native American who played an active role in the local government for Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. He was also a master craftsman in flute, snowshoe and bow & arrow making. Each night the parishioners of St. Ann’s Parish prepared dinner for us, including fried dough and fish. We were lucky enough to be at the parish during their Mission Week, when the parishioners recognize their duties as practicing Catholics within the Church. Monsignor John, from Orange County, CA, was the Mission Speaker. He is a superb story-teller and Old Testament scholar. What an entirely unique experience to spread the hope of Christ by going on a mission trip! This was my fourth one and it does not get old.

I moved into my Power Hall dorm room on August 21st. I am excited to be rooming with a student from Poland named Krzysztof. This past week was taken up by four TORCH trainings, two Resident Student Association (RSA) trainings, and one Student Leadership and Ministry (SLAM) training. Somehow I made time to skate the streets of Oak Park/River Forest on my long board. The TORCH trainings culminated to Welcome Weekend.  My fellow leaders and I performed in the skit titled The DU Zone, which showcased some possible situations any college student may face. Beside the skit we led small groups, went to presentations about different campus topics, and witnessed a provocative and educational, live show titled Sex Signals. The RSA ice cream social was also fun. I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream? DU Fest was on Sunday afternoon. I learned how to make cotton candy and I won a duffle bag from the radio station that came.

Classes have not even started yet. I can’t wait to be academically challenged at this marvelous institution! Video of the 2011 DUFest: