Letter to the Colleagues

Dear Colleagues:

Dominican University provides students with an education nurtured by the liberal arts and sciences and guided by our Catholic and Dominican heritage and mission. As a community, we stand for excellence, fairness, openness to diversity, care and mutual respect. Students in the undergraduate college, the School of Leadership and Continuing Studies or one of our four graduate schools benefit from a close community. Your activities ensure that our educational enterprise runs smoothly. Your relationships with students and faculty communicate our values and our priorities.     

The Dominican University Staff Handbook is your guide to work-life at our University. The Handbook provides important information on roles, rights and responsibilities. The expectations outlined in the handbook are based on our Dominican core values and ideals. By linking our daily efforts to our fundamental beliefs, we hope to ensure a fulfilling work environment for you, as staff members, and to provide a quality learning community for our students.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to the Dominican University community. I hope you find your work to be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.


Donna M. Carroll