Giving Back

Hunger BanquetAt Dominican University you cannot turn the corner without seeing an opportunity to give back to the community. It shows me that Dominican is an institution really lives up to its mission.

Having participated in University Ministry, I have had the chance to give back to students through leading retreats like Kairos and the larger community with van outreach giving food to the homeless on the streets. 

Another event I look forward to every year is the Hunger Banquet (pictured, right), which takes the time to put into perspective the number of people who do not have enough to eat every year. This year as a volunteer, I am looking forward to seeing how they express awareness of hunger in the Chicago area. 

With the holidays approaching it is important to create awareness on the topic of hunger, as many may go without a Thanksgiving dinner. Another annual event I look forward to is the Adopt-a-Kid program, which gives students and faculty a chance to donate a Christmas gift to a child in need.

Not only are there programs and organizations on campus that support giving back, but Dominican also offers community-based learning classes, in which one has the opportunity to give back inside and outside the classroom. For example, as an apparel student I was able to participate in a class in which we created a garment and donated it to a local thrift store.

This week while registering for classes I was excited to find another design chance with a chance to give back.  Next semester I will be participating in a custom tailoring and fit course in which we will create garments for women in need.

There are so many more opportunities to give back at Dominican and I try to take advantage of all that I can, as I believe the best way to create a better world in the future is to set an example for others through service and compassion. 

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