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Another semester has arrived. Fellow DU students, now is your second chance of the year to join a club, score some A's, make new friends, and maybe start using the workout room more (I know I will). Christmas break was such a blessing, although the absence of snow did break my heart. It’s hard to believe that Lent will be starting so soon. I am looking forward to the pazckis, special donuts that are sold by the Polish Club.

To get the ball rolling for the Student Technology Scholarship Program the IT department chose two students to each receive a lovely iPad2. They will be part of a Q & A student panel at the Technology Expo on February 8th. The lovely prose that you are now reading was drafted on one of those iPads. Yes, I would say the semester is going quite well already.

I am about to begin my second stab at joining the ruling class known as the RAs. I plan on utilizing Career Developmentover the next few weeks, from scheduling a mock-interview to attending a resume critique.

Wilmot Mountain

Wilmot Mountain

This weekend I am going snowboarding at Wilmot Mountain for the first time. It is located  not far into the land of cheese, beer and badgers (Wisconsin). I was happily surprised when some of my friends asked me to join them.

This semester my schedule is comprised of mostly communications courses, three once-a-week 3-hour courses. I am taking just one theology course, Great Christian Thinkers: Thomas Aquinas, taught by Fr. Richard Woods. I am excited to find out exactly why Aquinas is the Common Doctor of the Church.

The 7:00-10:00 p.m. Monday night class I attended last semester stopped me from going to the free two hours of bowling, 10pm-12am, at Circle Lanes (I did not want to arrive 30 minutes late). I am stoked to go to Monday-night bowling (during the months of February and March) along with finally seeing a movie for just three dollars on one of the DU-Day-at-the-Lake-Theatre Days, at the Classic Cinemas Theatre on Lake Street.

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