A Future Librarian’s Dream: My Work Study Experience

As this year comes to an end, so does my first year of employment in a library. When I first got my job as Government Documents Assistant at Dominican’s Rebecca Crown Library, I was absolutely ecstatic. I came to Dominican University because of their American Library Association accredited Library and Information Science graduate program, and I thought I’d come here for my undergraduate degree as well. Eventually, my goal is to become a law librarian for some fancy law firm, and so landing this small work study job in the library working with government documents was all I could have hoped for!

In the beginning, I found it very confusing and it took me awhile to catch on, but once I did, I started to realize how helpful knowing government classification systems would be for my future job as a law librarian, and began to even read some of the documents while I was shelving them. As a political science major, having access to the congressional records and judicial hearings was exciting and useful. A job in the library, by the end of my first semester, became a really important part of who I am as a person and as a student. Once, last semester, in my introduction to political science class, we were talking about the President’s war powers and later that day at work, I found a document that directly related to that subject. I scanned the document and sent it to my professor. The next class, my professor had copied the document to share with my entire class. While a small thing, it made it obvious that my job as a Government Documents assistant has had an important and integral part of my education, even in this short time.

Besides being supplementary to my education in political science and my future education in library science, it has also taught me important skills in learning to work in a professional setting and how to create important professional relationships with your superiors. My supervisor was very helpful and supportive of my intentions to become a librarian. Her assistance in learning the ropes of maintaining a Government depository, which was essentially my job description was huge. I learned a lot about librarianship and professionalism. And even though she had a child and moved on from Dominican, I expect to stay in touch with her and learn more from her. So, in addition to all that this job has helped with me in regards to my education, it has also created an outlet for mentorship, which I plan on taking full advantage of.

On a last and lighter note, I have made friends at this job. I have fun while I am at work. I do not dread going to the library, and I do not see the ten hours that I work as a waste of time. I have the cell numbers of the people that I work with, and we are friends. I never have to hesitate to ask a question if I’m confused, and I probably laugh at work much more often that most people do. I look forward to spending time with the people that I work with at Dominican, and I think that’s very important.

All-in-all, I believe that my personal work study experience this year has taught me so many useful lessons that it’s an opportunity, that if you, as a fellow or future student, should take advantage of, if you get the chance. You may think that you don’t need the money, or that you’ll be too busy for an on-campus job, but I seriously urge to reconsider because you never know how many great things it can bring to your life.

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