Undocumented Students Policy

Financial aid policy for new undocumented undergraduate students (2017-18)

All qualified U. S. resident students will be admitted and awarded merit scholarships without consideration of their citizenship status.

Any new U.S. student not eligible to complete the FAFSA who desires additional financial assistance must submit the Dominican University financial aid estimate form detailing their family financial circumstances.  Estimate forms must be given to the student’s admission counselor no later than the priority date of January 1.

We will use this information to calculate an estimated EFC. We may ask for supporting documentation in some cases.  

For undocumented students who have the two highest merit scholarship levels (freshman or transfer), Dominican will provide grant/scholarship funding equivalent to the total gift aid of similar FAFSA eligible students at the university and attempt to find endowed/restricted resources to reduce the self-help expectation to no more than $500/month, based on a commuter budget. In general, undocumented students will be expected to live with their families. Undocumented students who live in the Residence Halls may receive the Residence Life Grant, but no other additional DU gift aid.

For other undocumented students, Dominican will not routinely replace the Federal and/or State grants.