Dominican Provides the Tools

I am pleasantly exasperated by the many speakers who have graced the campus.  Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and the anniversary of Vatican II have brought a commended group of thought-provoking men and women.  During the past month Tim Wise and Jane Elliot (See Abel’s blog) separately came to campus to encourage reflections on societally approved white privilege and innate bigotry.  Students and staff alike were called to open their eyes to the possibility of change, for greater community driven by compassion.  Dominican is providing the tools to ‘participate in the creation of a more just and humane world.’  I am looking forward to the panel presentation “Three Generations Discuss 50 Years of Vatican II,” when social justice and liturgy, among other topics in relation to the momentous council will be dissected.

Numerous documentary-viewings have also graced campus.  Among them was Miss Representation, which analyzes how American media is sending mixed signals to females of all ages.  The documentary closes with a message of empowerment and a push for mentorship.  Band of Sisters told the story of the transforming landscape of Catholic women religious in America.  The film highlights the various ministries and outreach sisters and former-sisters alike are living daily, in light of Vatican II and other global movements.

A whole different set of tools provided to students can be found in a department situated in the lower level of Coughlin Hall.  I am of course referring to the boisterous Office of Student Involvement (OSI).  Michael Lango is the director of OSI (spoken as Oh-sigh), an enthusiastic and inspiring gentleman every student should meet.  Lango has brought with him a handy-dandy connection with the Association of Campus Activities Administers (ACAA).  The ACAA (Spoken as Ah-Cah!) coordinates an annual leadership exchange among colleges and universities in the Chicago-area.  This year’s exchange, with a focus on arts and activism, just happened recently at Roosevelt University. My fellow peers and I attended three sessions about topics such as athletics-inspired leadership, emotional intelligence, and social identities.  I enjoyed meeting and connecting with a number of student leaders, among a group of around 100 attendees, from other universities.

Jane Elliot, Martin Luther King Jr.’s, Miss Representation, Tim Wise, Vatican II