Dominican Fellowship

Here at Dominican University relationships matter.  Faculty and staff members do far more than what is expected of them.  Many of my professors burst with enthusiasm and wisdom of their academic fields.  Jeffrey Carlson, dean of the undergraduate Rosary College and professor of theology, always tells incoming freshmen and transfer students that college is a full-time job.  The workload of a student is never easy.  A community alive with the Love of Truth (Caritas et Veritas) can make all the difference.

Dominican University’s mission statement holds profound meaning that ripples throughout campus.  As the student body grows, coupled with the welcoming of new faculty and staff members, the mission needs to stay an integral part of life at this institution.  Sr. Mary Ann Mueninghoff is our look-to staff member to help facilitate this never-ending discussion.  She plays an invaluable role in the orientation of new students.  At the heart of our pursuit of a more just and humane world is celebration the university’s past leaders.  We will never forget Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P..  He not only founded the Sinsinawa Dominicansbut also founded this institution!  Each year we celebrate his life on Founder’s Day, a time of great joy, conversation and Italian Food.

This semester I have finally found a specific career path to take in the field of corporate communications.  The course Fundamentals of Public Relations has opened my eyes to a world of copywriting, social media management, and promotion event planning, to name a few aspects.  Professor Jeff Finn has made all the difference.  He willingly works closely with his students to challenge them to do their best work.  A large part of the course work consists of a PR research project.   Each student identifies a problem or opportunity he or she is invested and then gets to work doing research and developing a strategic communications plan.  Each week three hours never seems like a long enough meeting time.

SpringBellarmine Hall


During the spring semester of my freshman year I enrolled in a course taught by Economics Professor Peter Alonzi.  I have mentioned him in past posts.  He is on fire with the Dominican tradition.  Now in my junior year I still keep in touch with this inspiring man, who continues to take interest in my studies long after I decided on a major other than economics.  Prof. Alonzi recommended I go on a retreat at Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House in Barrington, IL.  I am sure glad to have decided to take him up on the invitation!

The early November weekend was filled with silence.  Outside of scheduled events (group prayer times, mass, reconciliation), none of the retreatants spoke to each other.  Not even during meals was there conversation.  I loved the intentional silence (Just over 24 hours, but believe me when I say it was much needed!).  I arrived back on campus with a renewed determination for my academic work and even more love for my Dominican community.


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