Dinner and a Show!

Recipe Box CafeRecipe Box Cafe


To begin this jolly post, I would like provide some important DU trivia: The I-Share library loan system is a priceless tool for academic work. As a Dominican student, my peers and I have access to books from at least 80 institutions of higher education. This semester alone I have checked-out more than 30 books through this library cooperative. E-books and graphic novels are available through I-Share too. I save so much money while I impress my professors with essay hypotheses supported by oodles of research. I am sick of academia so let us now turn to the rest of this blog-broadcast.

The Dominican community values its nutrition students. They will become the future celebrity dietitians, community nutritionists, or elite chefs at top-rated restaurants (if they attend culinary schools as well of course). The Recipe Box Atrium Café, a weekly program sponsored by the Nutrition department is an opportunity for students to showcase their dietetic skills. Students, faculty, and other community members are welcome to attend. During the month of November, students Sara Scheler and Gabby Sherer planned a dinner together. The food was quite delectable and fancy- well-seasoned fish and a refreshing dessert. At ten dollars for a proportionate three-course meal and an opportunity for conversation, the experience was worthwhile. Dining Services (Chartwells) has some pretty good fare, but I was pleased to enjoy this wonderful student-planned meal.

I am perplexed by this late fall weather, a mix of both biting cold and oddly comfortable temps. A holiday show was much needed to spice up the season. A Leahy Family Christmas, comprised of eight siblings from Canada, was a momentous start to Advent. Performing at the DUPAC, the Leahy siblings along with a number of their children, sang danced (Ottawa Valley Step-dancing) and played instruments. E ven a six or seven year-old in the group could step-it-out on stage. Three of the brothers played their fiddles with total abandon while the fourth one kept the show grounded with his masterful percussion-abilities. The four sisters played piano and various guitars. Together they sang an original Christmas hymn about the newborn Christ as King. I am especially awakened to the Christmas spirit with the help of this cheerful and captivating show. My mother and brother were certainly pleased with the evening.

Leahy Family ChristmasLeahy Family Christmas



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