Theology Minors

Students may minor in either theology or pastoral ministry. Many students find that completing such a minor enriches their personal faith while still allowing them to pursue other academic goals during their time at Dominican.

The pastoral ministry minor requires 24 semester hours.

The theology minor requires students to complete 18 semester hours with  at least one course from the department’s main focus areas:

  • Theological Foundations
  • Biblical Literature (two courses required)
  • History and Doctrine
  • Christian Ethics and Spirituality
  • Theology, Religion and Culture

Theology minors must choose the course intensification option for at least three courses or take at least three 300-level courses to complete the minor.

In the course intensification option, students propose a special project for earning one additional semester credit hour for any course taught during the regular academic year that offers three or more credits.

The student must obtain and complete a course intensification application (available in the registrar’s office), as well as written permission from the instructor.