Theology Double Majors

“I am a member of the Dominican University Class of 2013, double majoring in pastoral ministry and communications, with a minor in theology. I have always had a passion for service and ministry.”

Molly Brauer ‘13

Theology and pastoral ministry majors should consider whether completing a double major will help them achieve their career and spiritual goals.

Several popular combinations exist:

  • Theology – Many pastoral ministry majors who are also interested in teaching choose theology.
  • Pastoral ministry – Theology majors who are eager to put a real-life face on their extensive theological education may find pastoral ministry a good fit.
  • Communication Arts – Anyone involved in teaching or ministry must be able to communicate well. A communications major can help hone these vital skills.
  • Psychology – Learning about psychology, the science of what motivates people to behave as they do, benefits both theology and pastoral ministry majors.
  • Sociology – A sociology major explores how social institutions and systems interact with individual’s lives.