Theatre Concentrations

Dominican'Theatre Arts Department provides rigorous theatre training for students who also wish to study the liberal arts. Theatre Arts students gain abilities in play analysis and theatre history, as faculty members emphasize play reading in their courses. Majors read at least 100 plays and musicals, while minors read at least 35, most of which are covered through coursework and the Theatre Arts Lab Series. This intense and versatile program develops well-rounded performers and technicians who bring a collaborative spirit and credible experience to their careers.

Theatre Arts majors complete a series of foundational courses and are also able to specialize in performance or technical theatre, or they can choose a general concentration.

Majors can pursue a concentration by choosing their electives from one of three different areas.

Performance (Acting & Directing)

This program facilitates the use of many theatrical techniques. Students will:

  • Enhance their self-awareness and confidence
  • Increase their physical and vocal dexterity
  • Engage their imaginations
  • Assess textual meanings and historical data
  • Apply thought and feeling to action
  • Highlight aesthetic detail
  • Articulate their ideas and observations.

As students gain trust in themselves, their classmates and the creative process, they develop valuable life skills that can be used in any career or situation. Performance majors are encouraged to appreciate the viewpoints of others and to explore how the arts reflect and shape our society. 


Through classes, departmental productions and work at the Performing Arts Center, students will gain valuable experience and the opportunity to participate in many technical aspects of theatre— scenery, costumes, lighting and sound. 

This concentration provides direct, practical experience in a positive and dedicated atmosphere, where students work with highly trained faculty as well as professional designers and touring companies. 

Advanced students also earn significant responsibility in various production areas, including:

  • Stage management
  • Scenic art
  • Set construction
  • Wardrobe
  • Sound
  • Props
  • Electrics

Our flexible and extensive technical curriculum gives students a solid foundation in the skills needed to compete in today’s entertainment industry.

Theatre Studies

This concentration is designed to satisfy students who want a broad overview of theatre’s many facets, rather than just one aspect of theatre. The concentration helps students become informed theatre generalists and benefits those who have a strong interest in multiple areas of theatre. It involves an artistic and academic pursuit of both past and present forms of theatre and encompasses select courses from the concentrations listed above.

All theatre arts majors must meet these additional requirements:

  • One audition each year
  • Two audition workshops
  • One arts management workshop
  • A final capstone project
  • In the senior year, majors complete a capstone project individually devised by themselves. Projects include a wide range of options and can be anything from a one-person show to thesis dramaturgical work, depending on their concentration, areas of interest, and experiences throughout their studies. This project may also qualify students to receive a degree with distinction.
  • All students, including freshmen, are considered for significant roles in student productions. And Dominican's location is within easy reach of Chicago's leading theatrical companies, providing many benefits to students interested in theatre.
  • Theatre Arts faculty strongly encourage majors in the program to complete a second major or minor in a related field. Education, business, sociology, psychology, communications, English, and history are all common choices.