Clubs and Activities

Curtain Call 

Many students who love theatre join Curtain Call, Dominican’s student-run theatre club. Majors and nonmajors are welcome to join. 

Curtain Call promotes the Theatre Arts department’s shows in a variety of creative ways. They also mount their own productions, including a wildly successful Improv Night—Chicago is, after all, the hotbed of improv. 

Study Abroad 

Theatre arts majors and minors should consider participating in the Dominican in London program in their junior or senior year. An eight-credit tutorial in any aspect of British theatre provides the opportunity to study in Europe’s theatre capital. 

“London theatre provides a revolutionary learning experience – from the glitz of commercial West-End productions, to budget Fringe shows in pubs and store fronts, to  prestigious, government-subsidized seasons at the Barbican and National Theatres – London has it all.  Working with a wide range of British theatre professionals, Dominican students thrive and mature in this intense theatrical climate.” – Germaine Goetz-Sota, Ph.D. Chair of Theatre Arts and Music, and former Director of the London Program 

Options include working with: 

  • The Royal Shakespeare Company
  • The BBC
  • The Fringe Theatre in London
  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA)
  • Other leading professional theatres

Work Study 

Students on work study who love theatre may find work study jobs at Dominican that feed their interest. For example, they can work in the box office, costume shop or scene shop for pay when jobs are available.