Theatre Arts and Music Department

Theatre Arts and Music at Dominican University offer students professional-level training in their chosen discipline. 

“All kinds of people end up in theatre, from true extroverts to the very soft-spoken. What they all have in common is a strong sense of social interaction and a desire to creatively impact the world around them.” – Krista Hansen, MFA, Chair and Associate Professor, Theatre Arts and Music

Theatre students can major or minor in Theatre Arts at Dominican. Music students may complete a music minor at Dominican.

Dominican University’s Theatre Arts department offers an intimate but distinctive program with several key features. It provides: 

  • Immediate eligibility for significant roles in student productions.
  • Faculty committed to individual attention and ongoing mentorship.
  • Rigorous professional development within the context of a liberal arts education.
  • Hands-on experience with guest artists of varying genres
  • A professional-caliber home, Dominican’s Performing Arts Center.

The program prepares graduates to pursue work in the competitive world of professional theatre. Graduates can also use the critical reading, thinking and writing skills they gained at Dominican to pursue entry-level professional employment in a variety of corporate or nonprofit settings, or to apply for graduate study.