Students throughout the university find that either sociology or criminology makes a good minor, especially when paired with a liberal arts discipline or another social science. As with other minors, a sociology or criminology minor requires 18 credit hours. Sociology minors do not need to declare an area of specialization as majors do, and both sociology and criminology minors allow students to tailor their courses to their interests.

Sociology and criminology majors are often drawn to the minor in Social Justice and Civic Engagement. This exciting program allows students to deepen their civic engagement and community service while studying emerging research in the field of service and social justice.

Sociology and criminology majors might also find that completing one of Dominican’s interdisciplinary minors offers additional preparation for a sociology-related career. These include:

  • American Studies, the oldest interdisciplinary field in the humanities. This field offers a broad framework for understanding our multicultural society.
  • Black World Studies fosters a deep understanding of the black experience globally and of the social construct of “blackness.”
  • Study of Women and Gender addresses the dynamics of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality and power.