Language Learning Center

The LLC has been remodeled - We have new laptops and tablets, which will offer new and creative approaches to language practice and study. 

Listening and speaking are two crucial elements of foreign language study. 

When students listen to native speakers of their target language, their comprehension increases. And when they practice speaking the target language their fluency increases and their pronunciation improves. 

The Georgia Boolookas Language Learning Center is an integral component of foreign language study at Dominican. The Center, located in Lewis 130, houses a variety of language-related resources for onsite use: 

  • Computers with software for recording student dialogues and presentations, listening to music and other audio, and watching DVDs and Internet-based video
  • Televisions with DVD and VCR players
  • Video cameras and podcasting equipment
  • Foreign-language dictionaries and other print resources
  • Foreign films, educational language videos and software.

The Center is made possible by the generosity of Georgia Boolookas ’38, who majored in French and minored in Spanish and English at Dominican, then Rosary College. She spent her junior year in Switzerland and credits her study abroad with helping her realize her dream of becoming a world traveler. 

Students are welcome to drop in anytime!