Dominican's History Department prepares students for careers in law, banking, teaching or public service. The department offers a major and minor in history and history intensification projects. 

History Major

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The study of history fosters a critical approach to the human past, an acquaintance with past and present issues of social justice, and an awareness of human diversity. History courses provide an opportunity for students to gain knowledge of the human past and present in order to locate themselves and others in a historical, social, and intellectual context. History courses also convey an appreciation of history as an academic discipline with its own rules of inquiry.

The history major teaches students to analyze historical problems from several perspectives, to use primary sources and historical literature critically and effectively, and to employ historical perspectives and sources appropriately in the construction of oral and written accounts of the human past. History majors acquire both general knowledge of the human past and more detailed knowledge of a concentration within the field of historical inquiry.

The history department offers major and minor programs in history and in history for secondary and middle school teachers. In every program a student with a strong academic background may, with the department’s consent, substitute courses on the 200 or 300 level for the required 100-level history courses and History 143 and 144.

History Minor

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Because history is about understanding how human societies change and develop over time, it makes a helpful addition to any course of study.

For example, psychology majors can apply what they learn about universal human behaviors to specific cultures.

Or business majors can draw parallels between what they learn about today’s business institutions and functions and how they might develop in the future based on past changes.

For a deeper intellectual experience, we encourage history minors to choose at least three courses from one of the five areas of concentration. And all history minors must intensify at least one course.

Programs for Teachers

The History department also offers major and minor programs in history for secondary and middle school teachers.

Intensification Project

Most departments at Dominican require a special project to graduate. In history, each student must complete an intensification project for at least one course in the concentration area.

Students who plan to attend graduate school may wish to intensify additional courses to strengthen their academic records.