History Department

If you’re interested in how people, society and institutions have changed and continue to change over time, you may want to consider a major in history.

Among the most interdisciplinary of the liberal arts, this major gives students the chance to examine issues or ideas from many perspectives, discussing the arts, economics, law, literature, politics and social change. We emphasize logical thinking, creativity and skills in critical analysis that students can use in many careers

Student Testimonial

"The study of history is beneficial to my chosen career. Being a history major taught me how to think critically, conduct research, organize coherent arguments, both oral and written, kept me abreast on current events, and gave me knowledge about people and cultures throughout the world. It also gave me an understanding of who I am as a person and my place in the world."

- History Major, class of 2010


Faculty Testimonial 

“Many students come to Dominican with the experience of high school history being about memorizing names and dates. Then they discover that history at the college level is about interpretation and meaning and it opens up their world.”

 - David Perry, PhD, Assistant Professor, History Department