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Engineering Program

From the roads you drive on to the house  you live in, and even your computer, all these items share something in common – an engineer designed them.

If you love math, are mechanically inclined and want to understand and build the objects our society depends on, consider engineering.

Dominican offers a joint engineering program with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). The five-year program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree from Dominican (mathematics, mathematics and computer science or chemistry) and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from IIT in specific paired combinations.

Students get the best of both worlds by completing coursework in Dominican’s liberal arts environment while also enjoying IIT’s renowned engineering expertise.


Natalie Waksmanski spent the summer conducting research on sensors used in structural health monitoring applications at IIT during the summer.

Ernesto Ramirez started his postgraduate career at John Deere in Iowa after completing majoring in mathematics & computer science at DU and computer engineering at IIT.

Bobby Herman started his postgraduate career as an electrical engineer at Meade after completing majors in mathematics at DU and electrical engineering at IIT.