Engineering Program

Dominican's joint engineering program with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is a 5-year program in which students earn two degrees, one from Dominican and one from IIT. The following dual-degree options are offered through this program:

  • Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering
  • Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics and Architectural Engineering
  • Mathematics and Civil Engineering
  • Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
  • Mathematics & Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Students who complete this rigorous and challenging program acquire skills that set them apart from other engineering students in their depth of knowledge, the communication skills, their flexibility and their adaptibility to changing environments.

Participants in this program enjoy the best of both worlds by completing coursework in Dominican's liberal arts environments and small classes while also benefiting from IIT's renowned engineering expertise. Typically, the first four semesters students take courses at Dominican only. Starting with the fifth semester, joint program students take courses at both IIT and Dominican. While the number of credit hours taken at each institution may vary from semester to semester, students are always considered full-time students at Dominican and part-time students at IIT and tuition is paid at Dominican only.


Alumni updates:

  • Megan Schulz ’14 was accepted into the M.S. program in Architectural Engineering at IIT.
  • Anthony Perri ’14 works for Spraying Systems Co. where he also completed an internship during his last year of study.
  • Karina Cisneros ’13 earned a M.S. degree in Civil Engineering. Since graduating in spring 2013, she interned at the CTA while taking master's level courses. Karina recently started working for Sargent & Lundy as a Structural Associate.  
  • Natalie Waksmanski ’12 is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in structural engineering at the University of Akron, Ohio.