Black World Studies Students

Students have many opportunities for internships or outside learning.

Internships an important part of the learning and students are encouraged to seek internship opportunities.

Outside learning
“The trip to Virginia gave me an insight into the life of an Igbo village. I never expected that building a hut out of mud would take so much work and patience. We worked all day piling up the dirt, adding water and then stomping around in it with our feet so that it would become the right consistency. After this was achieved, we had to scoop the mud up and make it into large balls. These then went to form the wall of the new hut. This process definitely was not easy, and team work was essential. We were not experts at this process by any means, but I think after a full day’s work we had figured out a routine. All of our efforts weren’t displayed in our work because the wall we created was only three feet tall. After this trip, I definitely have a greater appreciation for the Igbo people and their work ethic. It is not easy to build those huts and they work all the time, building a hut for each family.”

Suzanne Hansel

“The Virginia trip was a great experience. We went to the Frontier Culture Museum and got to tour different cultures that contributed to America. While there, my class entered the African farm exhibit and helped to build a hut. Working together to build the house gave us a sense of the African culture and how they survived.”

Jasmine Hill

Recently, a group traveled to Staunton, Va., to help set up a new museum dedicated to African American and African contributions to American culture.

Eligible students also travel to the annual conference of the National Council for Black Studies.

Study Abroad
Dominican offers two Study Abroad opportunities for students studying Black World Studies. These include trips to:
South Africa