Black World Studies Program

Black Studies benefits all students regardless of race because it informs the learner about the humanity of Black people and all other races. Black Studies courses provides the learner with knowledge of equality of races, people, and ethnic groups and their respective historical development. Students enrolled in Black Studies have the opportunity to learn about the impact of Black people on the historical development of the world.”

Kelvin Ward, ’78 graduate, an Elder’s Council member, who has taught Afro-American history, Modern World History, political science, law and society at the high school level. 

Black World Studies is an academic interdisciplinary field that:
a. trains and equips scholars in the field of Black Studies
b. provides opportunities for research in Black Studies
c. documents Black history around the world
d. informs the general public about Black contributions to  human civilization from antiquity to the present
e. provides information and resources to anyone who has an  interest in learning about the various topics in Black Studies