Natural Sciences Majors

The natural science major is aimed at students interested in nursing, environmental studies and teaching. These fields require a greater breadth of coursework than is typical of most undergraduate science majors, including biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics and/or geology.

Students are strongly urged to complete one of these three optional concentrations so as to have appropriate career preparation.

Health Sciences Concentration
Now more than ever, the nursing profession demands increasing knowledge of the natural sciences. Successful nurses rely on knowledge of the natural sciences to administer proper treatment.

This concentration provides the necessary background to be competitive upon entrance to nursing school and to excel in the nursing profession.

A clinical internship is required.

Education Concentration
Successful teachers must be knowledgeable about what they teach and proficient in how they teach. This concentration provides future K-8 teachers with a broad base of knowledge in the sciences.

Plus, the School of Education’s elementary education program trains the student in the art of teaching.

Together, both components enable students to serve as area specialists in science education. This field is currently underrepresented among elementary and middle school faculties.

Environmental Studies Concentration
Less technical than the environmental science major, this concentration is ideal for the liberal arts student with a broad interest in environmental issues. This course of study emphasizes human interaction with the environment and the development of public policies on the local, national and international levels.

A student completing this major will have a strong foundation in laboratory science, political science, the humanities and business—all essential for understanding complex environmental issues.

This major provides computational and statistical skills to analyze environmental information and oral and written skills to garner effective communication.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete a minor in a traditional science field.

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