Environmental Science

Dominican offers two environmental majors: Environmental science and natural science with an environmental studies concentration.

The environmental science major is for students interested in pursuing a science degree that does not limit them to one specific science field. As such, students take an interdisciplinary approach within the Natural Sciences department.

The following courses are required:

  • General Biology (two semesters)
  • Ecology
  • General Chemistry (two semesters)
  • Organic Chemistry (two semesters)
  • Analytical Geometry and Calculus I
  • General Physics (two semesters)
  • One computer programming course
  • Three additional biology courses
  • Independent research or an internship in the environmental field

Electives may include geology, ecology, zoology and botany.

Environmental science majors pursue careers in government or industry or attend graduate school to focus on research. Career opportunities are in areas such as natural resources, energy, hazardous and chemical wastes, pollution monitoring and regulatory compliance. View Requirements for Environmental Science