After Dominican

“As a Dominican student, I completed two internships at Macy’s. After graduating, I am continuing my career with Macy’s in the executive development program.” –Alyssa Corrado ’10, Apparel Merchandising Major

Graduate School 

Some apparel students decide to continue at Dominican to earn an MBA degree, a helpful asset in most any fashion career.

Qualified students can begin work in Dominican’s Brennan School of Business while they are still undergraduates. Students take the required MBA courses as electives. During their senior year, students will take one graduate course each semester. This reduces the time required to complete the MBA degree. 


Dominican apparel graduates can pursue an array of careers in the fashion and retail industries and with leading museums. Possible apparel career positions range from developing and manufacturing specific fashion items to promotion, publicity or sales at either the wholesale or retail levels. 

Careers in the apparel design field include: 

  • Colorist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Textile designer
  • Market analyst
  • Product developer
  • Quality control inspector or manager
  • Sales representative
  • Stylist
  • Fashion designer
  • Sketcher
  • Sample maker
  • Pattern maker
  • Pattern grader

Careers in the apparel merchandising field include: 

  • Sales manager
  • Market researcher
  • Division, regional or national manager
  • Merchandiser
  • Retail buyer
  • Personal Shopper
  • Merchandise manager
  • Fashion show coordinator
  • Visual display merchandiser
  • Retail human resources manager
  • Boutique owner