David Craig

Biological Sciences

Job Title

Professor - Biology


My research efforts have been aimed at identifying genetic and population architectures generally lacking in evolutionary models that may help explain how microevolutionary (within species) phenomena can lead to macroevolution (speciation). An enormous conceptual barrier exists between micro- and macroevolutionary theories, we believe, because the former fails to incorporate complex genetic architectures. My work was extensively cited by Lynn Dicks in New Scientist (July 8, 2000)for demonstrating how the incorporation of genetic interactions can make feasible the evolution of human altruistic behaviors by group selection. The research utilizes a small "flour" beetle whose universe (a vial of flour) can easily fit into an incubator. This permits large experiments with high replication enabling the experimenter to detect even small treatment differences on an ecological, rather than an evolutionary human time scale.


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
MS, University of Illinois at Chicago
BS, University of Albany