The Coolest (And Weirdest) Way To Start College

The story of how my roommate (and close friend) met is one that I love to tell anyone who will listen. A story of weird coincidence and utter fate, completely unbelievable to this day, it was the coolest way to start off my college education here at Dominican University. My roommate Katie and I are both big enthusiasts of the blogging website Tumblr, and being the social network connoisseurs that we are, spent a great deal of time cruising through the “Dominican University” tag, looking for anything of interest. And one day, during my spring semester of my senior year, I saw a post belonging to my future college roommate, before I had met her.

Casually blogging on a spring afternoon, I found a post where another Dominican freshman was gushing about her excitement in going to Dominican University in the fall and asked that if anyone else was going to do the same, to send her a message so she could get to know some of her fellow classmates before putting that first foot onto campus in August. I browsed her blog; and surprisingly, I found that we had a plethora of common interests. I sent her a message and from there we developed a great friendship where we talked to one other about the end of our senior year, our intentions at Dominican, and even our Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) experiences. We exchanged numbers and vowed to text one another on Move-In Day. But, strangely enough, we would end up having more than the casual conversation on Move-In Day.

I was coming back from the movies with my friend Rebecca when I got an email on my phone with the subject “2012-2013 Housing Assignment and Move-In Information” from Dominican Residence Life. I had been waiting patiently for this information for months now, wondering who I was going to be spending my freshman year living with. I was one of the last of my friends to get their housing assignment, so all my friends and I were anxiously awaiting my email. Rebecca forced me to open and read the email immediately, and while we waited at a red light, I opened the email and read the name“Katherine McLaren.” I spent the rest of the car ride home fervently searching Facebook for one “Katherine McLaren” and having absolutely no luck. I bid Rebecca adieu feeling defeated, accepting the fact that I wouldn’t find my roommate. I continued to search Facebook until I got a friend request from “Katie McLaren” later that night. After accepting her request, we began introducing ourselves to one other.

After awhile, everything seemed a little too familiar. I knew this person. I also knew only one person going to Dominican University in the fall, and her name was also Katie. But it couldn’t be, could it? I exclaimed on our Facebook chat: “You’re from Chicago, a political science and theatre double major, and I’ve seen your profile picture before. You’re the Katie that I met on Tumblr months ago!” Sure enough, I was right. The same girl that I had bonded with months before over our common interests and exchanged numbers with, was in fact, my new roommate. It was a coincidence of epic proportions. As soon as the mystery of my roommate was solved, I ran into my mom’s room and told her, called Rebecca and updated her, and now here I am telling the world. It was the weirdest (and coolest) way to start college.  

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