The Connections Retreat

The Connections Retreat was this past Friday evening at the Priory Campus. It is one of the three free retreats University Ministry offers each year. My fellow Student Leadership and Ministry (SLAM) Retreat core members and I spend a lot fun and intense time collaborating on the programming for the retreat in order to make it a success. This year's retreat theme was, find hidden meaning by making connections between the past and present.

Nearly 30 participants came over to the Priory Campus for an evening of reflection, community, fun and free dinner.

I led a 15-minute guided reflection, which included looking at relationships, celebrations, passions, hobbies and God’s role in each person’s life. The participants were lying on the floor around the room; they focused on their breathing and relaxed their muscles. At the beginning, I passed out a Magic Eyeimage and asked them to look the picture. When they looked at the image a second time, at the end of the reflection, I told them to find the hidden image within. I love guided reflection because people rarely get a chance to concentrate in this way on a daily basis. The participants spent 20 minutes or so writing down all the thoughts that popped into their heads during the reflection. We spread Magic Eye books out in the retreat space for participants to browse on their own time as well.

Magic Eye

Magic Eye

For the final activity, while music was playing, participants walked around the room looking for three puzzle pieces, each with their name and a question. We took time for personal reflection followed by a small group discussion session.

Thank you to all students who took the time to come on this awesome retreat!